Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crave Sample Sale

Crowds Rave for Crave's Spring Market Sale

Last Sunday’s Crave Spring Sale could be heard before you entered; a bouncing pulse that lured ladies to the entrance—creating the perfect mood to shop!
Near the entrance lay a paradise of apothecary quality lotions and potions, a fresh scent to the venue that added to the luxurious aura of everyone in the room. Making the way around, a gentleman(one of only a couple in the room!) hands out passes for 3 free training sessions at a women focused gym…there is motivation in FREE! There were selections of handbags from Clutch in real leather, not the anticipated PVC something or other, a great selection however, make that a mental note for next years spring must have bag!! There are the girls from Fashion First, selling tickets to the August 7th show and noticeably enjoying the music. Farther down, in comfortable territory of sheer tops and some designer pieces, a silvered linen cropped jacket caches the eye of a shopper, she notices the Kors label and smiles, then darts to a quilted black A-line skirt. The next rack is better than the last! Shoes were slightly at a minimum, though had exquisite prices—add that information to next years on going mental note...
The loop of vendors proves to be exhilarating to the masses, girls everywhere hand over cash and cards (don't fret, yes, you can use plastic!), stashing their new wares into the new handbag they bought down the aisle. From organic cotton to leather, rhinestones to dog sweaters, hand soap to necklaces, all under one roof--brilliant!
The afternoon was lush and pretty, sparing no expense and leaving no sense un-worked. Nice work CRAVE team, keep it coming...wish lists are already big for 2009. See you then!

Fashion First 2008 Team